Data provided by ATS ANSP

Thank you for your willingness or interest to provide surveillance data to EMADDC. The data format supplied by ATS ANSPs can be one of the following ASTERIX types:


An alternative is to provide the data in ASCII format but this is not the preferred option of the EMADDC team.  

The EMADDC team has a strong preference to receive ASTERIX CAT048 over ASTERIX CAT062. The reason being the lower resolution of the MACH number in ASTERIX CAT62 which in turn reduces the quality of the derived Temperature. EMADDC can process both ASTERIX formats.

If only ASTERIX CAT062 can be provided the Mach number could also be provided at higher resolution in CAT062 I062/380 subfield #4. Also, the EMADDC team would like to know which interpolation method is used by the radar tracker as often interpolation between raw observations results in a lower quality of the derived meteorological data.

For both formats the fields below are normally filled by ATS and decoded by the EMADDC software.

In order to fill these fields BDS 4.0, BDS 5.0 and BDS 6.0 are required and need to be interrogated. If available, BDS 4.4 MRAR reports are also requested and are processed by EMADDC.

Data can be supplied via SFTP to the KNMI EMADDC SFTP server or via NewPENS as of 2022, noting that NewPENS likely exchanges ASTERIX CAT062 only.

Before EMADDC can process ASTERIX data the EMADDC processing requires radar detail information to calculate the position of the aircraft observations. For that reason the EMADDC team requests data suppliers to provide a file containing the following information of each radar present in the data provided:

  • Radar SAC (System Area Code)
  • Radar SIC (System Identification Code)
  • Radar Latitude
  • Radar Longitude
  • Radar Elevation (including radar height) above MSL

The tables below show the possible content of the data for CAT048 and CAT 062.

I048/010 Data Source Identifier
I048/140 Time of Day
I048/020 Target Report Descriptor
I048/040 Measured Position in Polar Co-ordinates
I048/070 Mode-3/A Code in Octal Representation
I048/090 Flight Level in Binary Representation
I048/130 Radar Plot Characteristics
I048/220 Aircraft Address
I048/240 Aircraft Identification
I048/250 Mode S MB Data
I048/042 Calculated Position in Cartesian Co-ordinates
I048/170 Track Status
I048/030 Warning/Error Conditions
I048/100 Mode-C Code and Code Confidence Indicator
I048/120 Radial Doppler Speed


I048/010 Data Source Identifier
I062/015 Service Identification
I048/140 Time of Track
I062/105 Calculated Track Position (WGS84)
I062/100 Calculated Track Position (Cartesian)
I062/185 Calculated Track Velocity (Cartesian)
I062/060 Track Mode 3/A Code
I062/380 Aircraft derived data
I062/040 Track number
I062/080 Track status
I062/290 System Track update ages
I062/200 Mode of Movement
I062/295 Track data ages
I062/136 Measured Flight Level
I062/130 Calculated Track Geometric Altitude
I062/135 Calculated Track Barometric Flight level
I062/390 Flight Plan Related Data (optional)
I062/270 Target Size and Orientation (optional)
I062/110 Mode 5 data reports (optional)
I062/510 Composed Track Number
I062/500 Estimated Accuracies
I062/340 Measured information



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