EMADDC update on COVID-19
European Meteorological Aircraft Derived Data Center update on COVID-19, April 30, 2020
Complete text (pdf)

Publications (presented in order of publication date)

S. de Haan, P. M. A. de Jong, and J. van der Meulen: Characterizing and correcting the warm bias observed in AMDAR temperature observations, Atmos. Meas. Tech. Discuss.,, 2021.


P.M.A. de Jong, S. de Haan, J. Sondij, M. Koutek. A. Hoekstra and J. Bokhorst, Operational Use of Aircraft Derived Data for Meteorological and Other Applications. CIMO-TECO 2018, Amsterdam. October 2018; Complete text (pdf)

EUMETNET E-ADD Feasibility Study Expert Team, chair J. Sondij, project lead S. de Haan (2017), Final report of the EUMETNET ADD FS ET on the feasibility to initiate a new EUMETNET activity for aircraft derived observations under the EUMETNET observation program. EUMETNET report, updated October, 2017, version 1.1; Complete text (pdf)

S. de Haan, (2016), Estimates of Mode-S EHS aircraft-derived wind observation errors using triple collocation. AMT Research article; Complete text (pdf)

Mirza, A. K., Ballard, S. P., Dance, S. L., Maisey, P., Rooney, G. G. and Stone, E. K. (2016), Comparison of aircraft-derived observations with in situ research aircraft measurementsQ.J.R. Meteorol. Soc., 142: 2949-2967;

Stone, E.K. and G. Pearce (2016), A Network of Mode-S Receivers for Routine Acquisition of Aircraft-Derived Meteorological Data.  J. Atmos. Oceanic Technol., 33, 757-768;

J. M. Kopec, K. Kwiatkowski, S. de Haan, and S. P. Malinowski (2015), Retrieving clear-air turbulence information from regular commercial aircraft using Mode-S and ADS-B broadcast. AMT Discussion paper; Complete text (pdf)

Stone, E.K. and M. Kitchen (2015), Introducing an Approach for Extracting Temperature from Aircraft GNSS and Pressure Altitude Reports in ADS-B MessagesJ. Atmos. Oceanic Technol., 32, 736-743.

S. de Haan, Availability and quality of Mode-S MRAR (BDS4.4) in the MUAC area : a first study
KNMI Internal Report: IR-1, 2014; Complete text (pdf)

Haan, S. de, and J. Sondij, Mode-S EHS Derived Wind and Temperature Observations,
WMO AMDAR Observing System Newsletter,Volume 6, October 2013; Complete text (html)

Sondij, J, and S. de Haan, Aircraft as a meteorological sensor, KNMI brochure September 2013 (updated) Complete text (pdf)

Sondij, J, and S. de Haan, Aircraft as a Sensor, Meteorological Technology International; Complete text (html)

Haan, S. de, Mode-S Enhanced Surveillance derived observations from multiple Air Traffic Control Radars and the impact in hourly HIRLAM, ALADIN - HIRLAM Newsleter: No. 1, September, 2013, p 4-8; (Complete text)

Haan, S. de, An improved correction method for high quality wind and temperature observations derived from Mode-S EHS, KNMI publication: TR-338, 2013; Complete text (pdf)

Haan, S. de, M. de Haij and J. Sondij, The use of a commercial ADS-B receiver to derive upper air wind and temperature observations from Mode-S EHS information in The Netherlands,
KNMI publication: TR-336, 2013; Complete text (pdf)

Haan, S. de, and L. J. Bailey, and J. E. Können, 2013: Quality assessment of Automatic Dependent Surveillance Contract (ADS-C) wind and temperature observa tion from commercial aircraft, Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 6, 199 - 206,Complete text (html)

Haan, S de, L.J. Bailey (Boeing), and J. Können (KLM), Quality assessment of ADS-C wind and temperature observations, KDC/2011/0064, Version:1.0,Date:07/10/2011; Complete text (pdf)

Haan, S. de and A. Stoffelen, Assimilation of High-Resolution Mode-S Wind and Temperature Observations in a Regional NWP model Weather and Forecasting, 2012, 27, 918-937, doi:/10.1175/WAF-D-11-00088.1Abstract (html)

Haan, S. de, High-resolution wind and temperature observations from aircraft tracked by Mode-S air traffic control radar, J. Geophys. Res., 2011, 116, D10111, doi:10.1029/2010JD015264; Abstract (html)

Haan, S. de and A.C.M. Stoffelen, Assimilation of High Resolution Mode-S Wind and Temperature Observations in a Limited Area NWP-model, KNMI publication: WR-2010-03, 2010; Complete text (pdf)

Haan, S. de, Quality assessment of high resolution wind and temperature observations from ModeS
KNMI publication: WR-09-07, 2010; Complete text (pdf)

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